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Custom Lifters



Lifting and Spreader beams are essential when lifting large loads that need to be balanced.  Lifting and spreader beams are often used to lift pipe sections, walls, bridge sections.

C-hooks and Coil lifters are used to lift and move coils of steel.  Coils can be moved vertically or horizontally and coil lifters have powered options so the operator can lift and move product from the cab or crane office.

Pallet lifters are designed to lift pallets of product around the jobsite or mill.  These can be counter balanced for the load and have adjustable forks for varying sizes of pallets.

Lifting tongs have many uses from lifting bales of hay to lifting concrete barriers for road construction.  Lifting tongs are used to lift steel slabs, concrete barriers, bales of hay or paper.

Custom lifters have many applications.  There are many options from lifting beams, coil hooks, pallet lifters, and lifting tongs.

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