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Harrington Lever Hoists



Harrington Lever Hoists

Capacity Charts
Cap. (Tons)Product CodeHeadroom C (in)Sth. Lift (ft)Pull to Lift Load* (lbs)a (in)b (in)D* (in)e (in)f (in)g (in)Load Chain Diameter (mm) x Chain Fall LinesNet Weight (lbs)Shipping Weight Approx. (lbs)Weight for Additional One Foot of Lift (lbs)
3/4LB00811.0554 (36) (14.4) x 113130.5
1LB01011.872 (46)1.11314
1 1/2LB01513.264 (45) (14.4) x 118180.7
2LB02014.859 (42) x 125261.1
2 3/4LB02881 (57)
3LB03015.6697.56.316.3 (16.9)4.41.510.0 x 133351.5
6LB06021.3728. x 257603.2
9LB09026.87812.04.12.910.0 x 388934.7

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