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TPXCF Twin-Path Extra Covermax® w/Check-Fast®

Twin-Path® high-performance synthetic roundslings have Check-Fast® Inspection overload indicators, Covermax® Covers for superior abrasion resistance, and inner red covers as an aid to inspection. Twin-Path® slings are used worldwide in place of steel rigging for heavy lifts. They are approximately 10% of the weight of a steel sling and are repairable. The Twin-Path® sling design has two individual paths of fiber working as one sling. These slings have less than 1% elongation at rated capacity. Independent testing shows that K-Spec® core yarn is the longest lasting load-bearing core yarn in any sling.

Note: Capacities shown include both paths and are for one complete sling. Sling ratings based on commercial fittings of equal or greater capacity. Conforms to ANSI/ASME B30.9 chapter 6, NAVFAC P-307 section , Cordage Institute CI-1905, and Web Sling & Tie Down Association WSTDA-RS-1HP . This chart is based on a 5:1 Design Factor (DF); but any other DF can be fabricated. Higher capacity slings are available. CAPACITIES ARE IN POUNDS (LBS.).

Capacity Charts
Twin -Path® Sling Stock No.VerticalChokerVertical BasketBasket HitchesApproximate Weight
(Lbs. per Ft.)
Nominal Body Width
TPXCF/TPXC 100010,0008,00020,00017,32014,140.411.5-3″
TPXCF/TPXC 150015,00012,00030,00025,98021,210.461.5-3″
TPXCF/TPXC 200020,00016,00040,00034,64028,280.521.5-3″
TPXCF/TPXC 250025,00020,00050,00043,30035,350.672.0-4″
TPXCF/TPXC 300030,00024,00060,00051,96042,420.732.0-4″
TPXCF/TPXC 400040,00032,00080,00069,28056,560.862.0-4″
TPXCF/TPXC 500050,00040,000100,00086,60070,7001.072.5-5″
TPXCF/TPXC 600060,00048,000120,000103,92084,8401.202.5-5″
TPXCF/TPXC 700070,00056,000140,000121,24098,9801.332.5-5″
TPXCF/TPXC 850085,00068,000170,000147,220120,1901.613.0-6″
TPXCF/TPXC 10000100,00080,000200,000173,200141,4001.803.0-6″
TPXCF/TPXC 12500125,000100,000250,000216,500176,7502.314.0-8″
TPXCF/TPXC 15000150,000120,000300,000259,800212,1002.644.0-8″
TPXCF/TPXC 17500175,000140,000350,000303,100247,4502.964.0-8″
TPXCF/TPXC 20000200,000160,000400,000346,400282,8003.475.0-10″
TPXCF/TPXC 25000250,000200,000500,000433,000353,5004.125.0-10″
TPXCF/TPXC 27500275,000220,000550,000476,300388,8504.616.0-12″
TPXCF/TPXC 30000300,000240,000600,000519,600424,2004.936.0-12″
TPXCF/TPXC 40000400,000320,000800,000692,800565,6006.747.0-14″
TPXCF/TPXC 50000500,000400,0001,000,000866,000707,0008.408.0-16″
TPXCF/TPXC 60000600,000480,0001,200,0001,039,000848,00010.159.0-18″
*Dimensions can vary according to the hardware or bearing points the slings are used with.
Minimum Is tapered width; Maximum is the flat tubing width.

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